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The Court of Appeals Public Access and Search System (Court-PASS) provides free access to Court of Appeals materials for appeals, certified questions and judicial conduct matters pending on or filed after January 1, 2013. Motions filed at the Court are not available for public viewing on Court-PASS. The Court-PASS database offers three retrieval methods: the docket, a browse function and a search function. The docket contains a snapshot of frequently requested information for all undecided cases, including the due dates for the filing of briefs, records and appendices; the dates on which such documents are actually filed; scheduled dates of oral argument; and attorney contact information. The browse function allows users to view a list of all pending and decided cases in the database, sorted alphabetically by case name. The search function retrieves pending and decided cases by party name, argument date, decision date, authoring Judge, appeal number, subject matter classification or citation, or any combination of these criteria.

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Parties with appeals, certified questions pursuant to section 500.27 of the Court of Appeals Rules of Practice, or judicial conduct matters before the New York State Court of Appeals must use the Court-PASS filing system for the submission of digital copies of records and briefs as required by the Court's technical specifications and instructions for submission, referenced by and incorporated into the Court's Rules. Technical specifications and instructions for submission, including Naming Conventions, can be accessed here. Filers must be registered and must also have a case pending before the Court of Appeals. In addition, filers must complete an attestation form to ensure that confidential and sensitive information is not disclosed to the public.

Court-PASS is for uploading companion digital submissions of briefs and record materials on pending appeals on the normal course or sua sponte merits (SSM) track (Rule 500.11) only. Those wishing to upload companion digital submissions of motions and Rule 500.10 Jurisdictional Responses must do so through the Portal.

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Uploading digital submissions to Court-PASS does not satisfy the service or filing due dates by operation of the CPLR or the Court’s Rules of Practice. The filer is responsible for meeting the Court’s applicable due dates by filing the required number of paper documents with the Clerk’s Office.

Use of this website shall indicate agreement by the user that the New York State Court of Appeals and its employees shall not be liable for any loss, consequence, or damage resulting directly or indirectly from the use of any of the information available through this website.

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