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Cases And Documents Available

Court-PASS provides free access to the following Court of Appeals materials for appeals, 500.27 certified questions, and judicial conduct matters pending on or filed after January 1, 2013:

  • Motion papers in civil cases where the Court has granted leave to appeal
  • Briefs
  • Records or appendices
  • Videos of oral arguments
  • Transcripts of oral arguments
  • Court decisions

Please be aware that certain briefs and records are sealed and not available for public view because they contain confidential information. Some briefs and records are redacted to protect sensitive information and are available in the redacted form only.

Material will not be available on Court-PASS until it is processed by the Clerk's Office.

Search and Download Guidelines

Conducting a Search

You may search case records by party name, decision date, calendar date, authoring Judge, decision number, subject matter classification or citation. You may limit searches to civil or criminal matters.

Viewing or Downloading Documents

The search result screen will display a listing of all cases matching your search terms. Each case name will provide a link to available documents for that case for viewing or downloading.

Browsing Case Listings

As an alternative to searching for an individual case, you may browse through all cases available on Court-PASS. You may sort the cases alphabetically by party name and may also restrict the listing to a particular date or date range.

Court Docket

The Court Docket contains information on all undecided appeals, 500.27 certified questions, and judicial conduct matters. The Docket can be searched by appeal number (APL), certified question number (CTQ) or judicial conduct review number (JCR), or by case name. If available, appeal briefs, records and appendices can be viewed and downloaded. The Docket also provides due dates for filings not yet received and attorney contact information. A case will be removed from the docket when decided.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the retention period for Court-PASS material?
All material on Court-PASS will be permanently available.
How frequently is Court-PASS updated?
Material will be available on Court-PASS after processing by the Clerk's Office. Court-PASS is updated daily.
Is pre-2013 material available on Court-PASS?
No. The Court of Appeals website provides access to the full text of all Court of Appeals decisions and webcasts for the immediately preceding two years. Transcripts of webcasts are available for cases argued on or after September 1, 2012. The Court's archive of records and briefs since 1847 is maintained at the New York State Archives (518-474-8955). Photocopies are available for a charge. These materials may be obtained on microfiche at the New York State Library (518-474-5355).
Do I need any special software to access Court-PASS?
You should enable javascript in your browser and you need a PDF viewer to read the documents. Court-PASS is best viewed with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768.