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Pursuant to Rule 500.2(b), the Court requires the submission of motion and opposition papers, criminal leave applications and Rule 500.10 Jurisdictional Responses in digital format. Parties who have received a motion instruction letter, criminal leave application assignment letter or Jurisdictional Inquiry letter from the Clerk’s Office should use this Companion Filing Upload Portal to submit motion and opposing papers, criminal leave applications and Rule 500.10 Jurisdictional Responses.

You will not be able to upload documents through the Portal until you receive a motion number, CLA number, or appeal number (as applicable) and a pin number in a letter from the Court (see Rule 500.2 [d] [companion digital filings for civil motions shall be submitted no later than seven days after the return date of the motion; companion digital filings for CLAs shall be submitted within the time directed by the Clerk of the Court]).

Uploading digital submissions to this Portal does not satisfy the service or filing due dates by operation of the CPLR, CPL or the Court’s Rules of Practice. The filer is responsible for meeting any applicable CPLR or CPL time limit by serving and filing as provided by the CPLR and CPL. The filer is responsible for meeting the Court’s applicable due dates by filing the required number of paper documents with the Clerk’s Office.

Technical specifications and instructions for submission, including Naming Conventions, can be accessed here.

This Portal is for uploading companion digital submissions of motions, criminal leave applications and Rule 500.10 Jurisdictional Responses only. Those wishing to upload companion digital submissions of briefs and record materials on pending appeals on the normal course or sua sponte merits (SSM) track (Rule 500.11) must do so through the Court-PASS system.

After you receive written instructions from the Clerk's Office, file below:

STEP ONE: Enter Pin:      

STEP TWO: Enter the Motion No., CLA No. or Appeal No. for the files you are uploading:
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STEP THREE: Enter your e-mail address to receive a notification of a successful upload:

STEP FOUR: Click the Select button and choose up to five files to be uploaded:
Important: Documents should be named according to the conventions in the technical specifications.

STEP FIVE: When the circles next to the selected files become green, click on the button below to complete the upload:


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